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Coco Gauff Low-Key Declares Desire to Win Double Digit Slam Titles

The American doesn’t lack self-belief at this stage of her career.

By Chris Oddo | @TheFanChild | Friday January 12, 2024

It’s no secret that Coco Gauff has a lot of self-belief. After media day on Friday at the Australian Open, it’s even less of a secret.

Gauff, who won her maiden major at the 2023 US Open, talked about a variety of subjects, from her improved serve to her ability to put her crowning achievement in the past. She also talked about the high expectations she has set for herself.

Asked how many Grand Slam titles she thinks she can win, Gauff said she didn’t really put a number on it. Then she added: “I would say double-digits would be pretty awesome.”

The 19-year-old, brought up idolizing legend Serena Williams, who finished her career in 2022 with 23 major titles, says she isn’t sure if it’s possible, but she wants to set the bar high so she doesn’t skimp when it comes to pushing herself.

“I don’t know if it will happen, but I think that’s a high goal,” Gauff said. “I think setting my goals high pushes me beyond what I think I can do.”

The momentum is building 📈

How Coco Gauff could win a second-straight hard court Grand Slam ⤵️

— US Open Tennis (@usopen) January 11, 2024

2023 is in the rearview

The Florida native, who will face Anna Karolina Schmiedlova in her first round match in Melbourne, says it did not take her long to forget about winning her first major title.

How long? About a week, she told reporters.

“When I went into China, I pretty much had it out of my head,” Gauff said. “Then during the off-season we did celebrate a little bit just because after the US Open, everything was so fast.

“Now going into another slam, it really feels like so long ago. I kind of forget it happened…”

New and improved serve

Gauff has focused instead on improving her game so that she can compete for more majors. One thing she has dedicated time to is fine-tuning her service toss. She said the change was easy to implement.

“I think for me, it was a very small change,” she said. “It only took me, like, two days to get – maybe three – to get really comfortable with it. It was just to make the toss more consistent. Instead of throwing from so low to start up higher to make the toss more consistent.

“Sometimes I still have to remind myself of it. I think for the most part I was really open to it. I think my serve is something that when it’s on, it’s a really big weapon and can get me out of some situations. Just to make it more consistent was the goal.”

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