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Andy Roddick: Connors’ 109 Titles Will be Djokovic’s Next Obsession

One of the longest standing records in men’s tennis is coming into focus for Djokovic.

By Chris Oddo | @TheFanChild | Friday November 24, 2023

Just because Novak Djokovic is free and clear of his Big Three brethren when it comes to Grand Slam singles titles, it doesn’t mean that there are no records left to smash for the world-beating Belgrade native.

Former World No.1 Andy Roddick believes that Djokovic has what it takes to reach a record that was long thought untouchable: Jimmy Connors’ 109 singles titles. Thanks a tour-leading seven trophy lifts in 2023, Novak Djokovic has moved within 11 titles of the legendary American’s mark.

All-Time Titles, ATP History

Connors, 109
Federer, 103
Djokovic, 98
Lendl, 94
Nadal, 97
McEnroe, 77

Djokovic, who is currently in the process of finishing his remarkable 2023 campaign at the Davis Cup Finals in Malaga, would need to average six titles a year for two seasons to zoom past Connors (and Roger Federer, who is second on the list with 103) and Roddick believes that the World No.1 might fix his renowned glare on that milestone.

“Every major statistical marker is in his rearview, but he still has Jimmy Connors’ all-time titles record of 109 to go after,” Roddick, who is Betway’s global ambassador for tennis, said. “That’s certainly something that’s within his grasp, so I fully expect him to obsess over that number like he’s obsessed over so many others.

“Once he gets past the field in all of them, I think we’ll maybe get a true understanding of what the timeline will be for him.”

Recently, in an interview with the Spanish publication Marca, Djokovic was asked which milestone he was hungriest to achieve.

“Probably the record for most titles,” he said. “I want to win as many tournaments as possible and pass Connors.”

His stated intention is a message across the bow of the rest of the ATP Tour. He may be 36 going on 37, but the most dominant force in men’s tennis history has no intention of stepping away from the limelight.

Chasing Connors is a goal that sets up Djokovic for a few more dominant seasons at the very least.

Roddick believes that age is just a number when it comes to the Serbian legend. Djokovic is playing as well as he ever has.

“The way Novak Djokovic played across the last two games of the ATP Finals was as good of a two-day, 24-hour performance that I’ve ever seen,” he said. “Carlos Alcaraz served 84 per cent first serves and still lost three and two. Jannik Sinner was the best player for 90 per cent of the tournament but then, for that last hour, Novak just went crazy. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him serve better than he did this week.

“What’s amazing to me is the way he’s able to pick and choose his spots and not need a lot of time to get into match shape. He was pushed early on at Bercy and Turin, but just seems to get better as the tournaments go on.”

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