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Babolat Launches Pure Strike Fourth Generation

Celebrate the New Year with the new fourth generation Babolat Pure Strike.

By Tennis Now | @Tennis_Now | Sunday, December 31, 2023
Babolat is celebrating the New Year sharpening its Pure Strike.

The fourth generation of Babolat’s famed Pure Strike frame arrives in late January.

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In 2014, Babolat offered an aggressive alternative to the control and precision segment with the launch of the Pure Strike range. Adopted by Dominic Thiem and since then by many other players such as champion Niels Vink, Cameron Norrie, and Alizé Cornet, the Pure Strike has continued to evolve to meet the needs of the most demanding players, engaging fully with the ball.

In January 2024, the 4th generation of Pure Strike racquets will hit the market, specifically designed to deliver even greater control and feel at impact. Pure Strike racquets are ideal both for versatile, audacious attacking players, with sweeping, game-creating strokes, and for counter- attacking players with more compact preparations taking the ball early to use their speed.

Eight racquets and two innovative technologies mark the 2024 Pure Strike range

The eight racquets in the Pure Strike 2024 range feature two noteworthy technologies: NF²-TECH and Frame String Interaction Control.

NF²-TECH provides optimal vibration filtration thanks to the addition of natural flax fibers at strategic points on the racquet. This enhances the player’s sensations at ball impact and provides a more muffled sound for a better perception of control. The flax patch is systematically integrated into the handle of all Pure Strike racquets, meeting the specific needs of this category of players who are always looking for more feel and control.

Frame String Interaction Control is a technology that combines a tighter string pattern for greater control with a Woofer system that increases the contact time between the ball and the string for a greater feel. The frame combines a square cross-section with an elliptical structure, offering a perfect balance between control and power on every shot.


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Among the eight racquets in the range:

PURE STRIKE 97: Its 626 cm² headsize, thin 21/22/21 cross-section, and 16/20 string pattern provide the perfect combination for players seeking ultimate control and precision. The natural leather grip provides extra firmness and enhances the feel. The Pure Strike 97 is also available as a pair with a maximum weight difference of 1 gram. MSRP: $279.00 / $259.00

PURE STRIKE 16/19: Its 630 cm² headsize, thin 21/23/21 cross-section, and standard 16/19 string pattern make this the perfect combination for players looking for control. This racquet is the benchmark for aggressive hitters with large swing ranges looking to control their natural power. MSRP: $249.00

PURE STRIKE 18/20: Its 630 cm² headsize and denser 18/20 string pattern for extra control is perfect for aggressive hitters looking for stability and consistency at impact. MSRP: $249.00

PURE STRIKE 100 16×20: Its 645 cm² headsize and new 16/20 string pattern is the perfect combination for players looking for control and power. This racquet suits aggressive players with a modern game based on speed and dynamic strokes. MSRP: $259.00

PURE STRIKE 100: Its 645 cm² headsize and a standard 16/19 string pattern provide dynamic control. This racquet is perfect for counter-attackers looking for control and more forgiveness. MSRP: $249.00

Photo credit: Babolat

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